Thursday, February 9, 2017


Dear family,

A short email today!

 I had a wonderful week. Last Thursday we went to Tagaytay and saw amazing fog! haha It was just like in San Francisco. Cold! And fog! But we got to travel up the mountainside in a tricycle. It was magical. haha

I am having a really good time! Me and Sister Makihele are teaching up a storm! We have so many people to talk to and people to find! We are loving life. 

My days are dwindling down and becoming fast paced. I feel like it was just pday, and now we are already here again emailing you! I am so excited to see you all again! If you have any tips for me on the long flight ahead, shoot away! I hate long plane rides...

Love you all! Till next week again... <3

Sister Zimmerman 

All these selfies are in the tricylcle as we traveled up the mountain side. The trike had no window, no walls. It was just the little roof and then a bench. It was raining so we got wet, traveling up to Tagaytay! Crazy fun!! We laughed SO HARD! 

Sister Makihele & Sister Zimmerman

 Me and my companion,Sister Makihele and then one of the Elders from Pakistan. We were on a bus coming back from our district activity. 

 My companion braided my hair- Tongan style=SUPER TIGHT

 It looks better on her ;D haha

Kids of our investigators. They are so kind!

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