Thursday, February 23, 2017

My last email

Dear family,

Only one picture today. Next week na lang!

OH OH OH I go to the Temple TOMORROW because the Temple is closed on the Tuesday they were planning to take us. SO I GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE TOMORROW AND I WILL TAKE PICTURES AND SHOW YOU IN PERSON IN ONLY A FEW DAYS.

I am super excited for the baptism this weekend. I prayed so hard to have at least ONE MORE in the mission. I rememeber saying to Sister Miranda, my last companion, that I really wanted one on the 25th of February .. and look! It happened. How awesome! Heavenly Father really hears and answers prayers. 

Have a wonderful week!  I love you all!  I will see most of you next week. Enjoy the ending of February. Pray for me to travel safely on the way back!  It's a long flight.  Just pray I won't die or get sick. 

Love you! 

Sister Zimmerman 

Sisters Makihele,  Zimmerman & Gabalfin

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