Thursday, January 26, 2017

It's the Final Count Down!

Dear family,

The time is far spent and there are 4 weeks remaining! #NOTTRUNKY

But I am so excited to see you all soon! 

This week was great. I got to know my companion, Sister Makihele, and we got to know our area! It was such a blessing to get to know the area so fast! Heavenly Father is blessing us so much! I love my new companion, she is so hyper and wonderful and a great blessing to me.

We are working towards many new goals this week to make this week wonderful and amazing. As it comes to the end of my mission, I feel the excitement of going home, the push to get the work done and labor all the way! I love the Philippines so much. 

As each day passes, I get a little sadder because I know how much I truly will miss this beautiful country. I love it here.

I love you all! I cannot wait to see you! 4 weeks left!

Sister Zimmerman 

Sister Zimmerman

Sister Makihele

My companion is great! 

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