Monday, January 9, 2017

Hey Howdy Hey I'm in Manila

Hi family!

I had a good week. 

Thats all.

Just kidding! But seriously, I don't know what to say sometimes in my emails. Of course I have very sacred and special experiences, but I don't share them all. I actually had a great trial this week. It caused me stress and tears. But this was also one of the most effective weeks I have had in a month. With many lessons taught and people contacted. It was wonderful. There is a purpose in every trial, and I am grateful for my broader perspective. Because of my mission, I can now see in perspective how bad things happen to good people ALL THE TIME and it doesn't last forever. Sometimes trials are long, but not forever. That much I now understand in my soon to be 21 years!

My birthday is Friday! 21 years young! Whoo hoo! Another birthday in the mission. And now I am excited to enjoy this birthday here, and then see my family again March 1st! #nottrunky 
:D Part of the trunky feeling comes when you go to Manila to get x-rayed. It means you are an outgoing missionary. How fun! haha

I love you all! I saw the Temple for the first time in 15 months. It's across the street from where I got my x-ray. I MISS IT. Soon... soon... 

Have a greater week! Keep on keeping on, keep your chin up. And if you aren't happy, repent today.


Sister Zimmerman 

Sister Zimmerman at the Manila Temple

Manila Temple  
Sister Miranda & Sister Zimmerman 

Riding to Manila 


  1. Happy Birthday Teal!!! You are doing a great job and we all love you for iy. I am betting we are the only ones that are anxious to get you back home and you and your companions are probably wanting you to stay there! See you real soon!

  2. I only get to email you just one more newsletter and then I get to deliver you one personally. I am so excited!