Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

​HEY EVERYONE HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I didn't take any pictures because I am lame and lazy. 
Basta (just's just like that), New Years was boring but great because everyday should be great and dandy! We had to go home early a bunch because it's dangerous to be out past 6pm during New Years DAW (it is said) and so we go home... and study and have fun that way. ^.^

I am so excited today because I received my flight plans to come home. NOT TRUNKY! But I am so excited to see all of you again! Christmas video call just made me realize how much I miss and love my family, and now just a few short weeks away from actually seeing them!! Whoo! It's exciting! 

I am so excited to start 2017. I can not believe I have been here in the Philippines for 16 months! It just blows my mind. Heavenly Father has truly gifted me with so much and gifted me this time. A time of struggle and hardship but also of joy and encouragement and fun and learning. I LOVE being a missionary. I don't suppose I can come home and visit and then just come back and be a missionary again? I would love that.

Happy New Year!  I'll see you all THIS YEAR. In just a few weeks. Keep being obedient and loving the Lord. He'll give us everything we need.

Sister Z 

Here are some pictures Teal sent last week that didn't get posted to the blog:

photo credit Str Speirs

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  1. You are amazing and a wonderful testament to the power of heavenly father and missionary work. I hope you keep up the blog about how it is coming back and everything. Looking forward to hearing from you in person. Many prayers and love coming your way from us! Bessie and Bess