Monday, December 5, 2016

It's Sister Superman!

Hey y'all,

Sorry I emailed later than usual. We had to take Sis. Livermore to the mission office since she is GOING HOME. THAT is CRAZY.  Now I am in a temporary trio which is great.

Anyway, I am doing just dandy. Loving life.

I learned a lot of things this week.  I don't feel like sharing a lot of stories but I will say that I saw how Heavenly Father won't let things happen to us that are not supposed to happen. This sometimes means we suffer a little.  Or sometimes means we are protected. But regardless, I really just felt and saw how much Heavenly Father TRUSTS us to choose the right. And when we don't He is there in a flash to save us. 

So my testimony is that Heavenly Father will always take of us. I do not doubt that even in the slightest. God doesn't hate us. Ever. 

Love you!

Sister Zimmerman 

Tagaytay! This is me in front of the top on the volcano. It's over my left shoulder.

I took a zoomed in picture as well. ;-) ISNT IS BEAUTIFUL!!??

Sister Miranda-photo bomb skill level=ninja

A lone bird soars over Tagaytay! 

 Me and Sister Cherry (RS President! She is the best!)
 Me and Sister Livermore the day she left us. (mission accomplished)

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