Monday, November 21, 2016

The Final Count Down!

Hey everyone!

My housemates are trying to make me trunky this week with this poster over my desk:

If you can see, I put motivational stuff to face me every morning like pictures of Jesus Christ, maps of the Philippines *because I love the Philippines* and pictures of prophets and then I come out my bath to see 100 days staring me in the face. CRAZY!

This week has been great. We struggled a little when all of teaching appointments fell thru every single day, but we managed to talk to enough people on the street that we found people to teach.

The struggle of missionary life is that it never stays the same.  I am so old here in the mission, which I never felt before. 'I never thought I'd get here' kind of feeling!  But no tears. Just keep going to work, work, work...

Masaya ang buhay.
Tapos, buhay pa ako.
Mabuti naman hahah

Happy life.
Then, I am still alive.
I'm fine thanks

Ngunit, but, I am so being grateful for all that I have been learning.  My mission is changing my life. It has changed my life. I am so grateful.  My testimony is sure. I know the church is true. I know Christ lives.

Have a wonderful week.  Don't forget to help your missionaries this week.  Life is really hard without support of members.

Sister Zimmerman 

Missionary Life

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