Monday, November 28, 2016

Short short na lang!

Hey family,

We are going to a cool place today (Tagaytay) this p-day so I want to be short in writing. Here is my spiritual experience this week:

My companion and I for the last 3 weeks have been seeing a little boy who is 9 years old at the 7/11.  His name is Jovine. His parents abandoned him here in Cavite, and both left for far away provinces, leaving him alone on the streets. He lives at the 7/11.  Begging for food, or opening the door for people so they will give him a peso. He is really sweet.  We starting buying him a hotdog and water when we would pass by the 7/11. We taught him how to pray over his food.  Little things, knowing we couldn't do much. One day, members saw us at the 7/11.  It was cool, we introduced them to Jovine. We went back a few times and fed Jovine. Then a couple weeks later, Jovine was gone.  He wasn't sleeping outside, he wasn't inside hanging out. We didn't know where he was. 'Till one day this week, we were invited to present in a FHE (family home evening) lesson for the family of the YSA leaders (young single adult leaders) that we introduced Jovine to, AND JOVINE WAS IN THEIR HOUSE!  It was a total surprise! As it turns out, the mother of the YSA that worked with us, was the TEACHER of Jovine when he used to attend school.  She got permission from the barangay (the village/district) and took Jovine home. The sister with her husband and children are the legal guardians of Jovine. He lives there now! And attends school, takes a regular bath, has clothes, and attends church!!

I cried when I saw him!  And he attended stake conference (regional church meeting held 2x a year) for the first time yesterday. He was at my side a lot.  I remember fasting for him before this family took him in. Jovine has a family now, and that is the most important thing.  God knows and loves His children!!  I know that that is true.  Heavenly Father is aware of all of us all the time.

Have a great week!! Love you all.


Sister Zimmerman

Note from Mom-our Church is starting a 25 day campaign for the month of December to celebrate the birth of Christ called #LightTheWorld In a nutshell the idea is that since the night of His birth when the star first appeared He has been a light to the world. We can make the world a little brighter by doing small acts of service every day, serve as He served. Each day there will be a short video that shows how He served that will then hopefully give us an idea of something we can do for someone else that day. It doesn't have to be something big, like taking in a homeless child like Jovine-you can pay for the person order in the drive thru behind you, or bring your co-worker their favorite drink one day. It really is the little things! AND you don't have to be Mormon!!  We can all #LightTheWorld as we begin to celebrate this Christmas season! Read more about it here: #LIGHTTHEWORLD


The family that took Teal & her companions to Tagaytay emailed me several pictures hours later.  It looks like they all had a great time! Thank you Sister Cruz for the photos! 

The Cruz family, Sisters' Livermore, Zimmerman, Miranda, & Melad

Sister Livermore & Sister Z enjoy the view

A couple of sleepy sisters

Car rides!

Zimmerman, Miranda, Livermore, & Milad

Say cheese!

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