Monday, November 7, 2016

Hey Howdy Hey

Dear family,

They changed the rules again on email!  Yeah, thats awesome right?  It's no longer bawal or forbidden to email my friends, priesthood leader etc..  I can email anyone OUTSIDE mission boundaries. SOO email me!  I miss you all. 

This week was good.  Me and Sister Miranda get along great.  We love each other!  The work is great. Teaching less actives, investigators and recent converts really uplifts me.  I love being here.  I love the Philippines. This week we walked a lot and we found some golden people to start teaching.  I love this work!

I know Jesus Christ lives, and His Atonement was for everyone.  I know this is His church with His Priesthood.  I believe in my leaders and trust them.  I know the church is true and Prophet Monson is called of God!  I love you all. Remember to pray really hard this week!  It's gonna be a week of miracles and a week of stress.  Kaya natin!!! We can!!!

Mahal ko kayo I love you all

~Sister Superman 

Me & Sister Maranda

My district 

My Mom and LuDonna Smith sent a box of Halloween candy & toys. We gave out lots & lots
to the kids and they LOVED IT. Their favorite was the sticky eyeballs & mustache.
We took some to the district meeting and the elders loved it just as much! LOL

They kept getting the sticky eyeballs stuck on the ceiling LOL

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