Monday, October 3, 2016

Nicest Market EVER


Hey Everyone,

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Because in the Philippines it's Christmas even though it's October. WHOO! Love that stuff, but I don't like the ugly picture of me in front of our Christmas tree :(

Our "Charlie Brown" tree

I guess somehow my Mom found out I got sick "AKA Dad" and now y'all know? Sorry about that. I wasn't planning on telling anyone. DON'T WORRY. Or maybe you weren't worried, so if that's true, then keep on keeping on with that gig.  I'm doing much better. I didn't even go to the hospital because some Elder got the same thing as me and they did all the tests on him. Poor thing.  I got to relax and get better. I'm still not 100% but I'm working on it.  I'm tired lang. only.

(I guess Scott was not suppose to tell me? I would have worried more not having heard anything from her all week, silly missionary)

Anyway, we are getting really close to another baptism. Next week yata? maybe? I'm excited. This area is progressing. We are having so much fun! Also, my trio is gone! The one sister who was waiting for her visa to New Zealand left early this morning. How exciting for her! I love you Sister Cacho! Miss her. Now it's just me and Sister Diaz. We are excited to keep going and for the opportunity to baptize some people. Lots of love all around.

My pictures are from the cleanest and COOLEST market I have ever been to! It's so cool! I bought so much veggies and fruits there. How cool! And then also a picture of me Sister Dacalcap and Sister Livermore SQUISHED HECKA inside a trike, coming home with all our groceries. LOVE the Philippines. Also, pictures from our zone conference a few weeks back.

I'm having fun, still kicking. Still happy.

Love you all

Sister Zimmerman 

Sister Livermore

Bringing our groceries home on the trike

These pictures are from zone conference 

Sister Dacalcap was my trainer when I first came into the mission field

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