Monday, September 26, 2016

She's Sick

*A note from Mom.  No email from Teal this week. She emailed her Dad to say that she is sick. She has a rash, fever and and is achy. She thinks it's probably Chikungunya. You can read about it HERE.  If it's not that then it might be Dengue Fever, but they don't think it's that.  You can read about Dengue HERE.  Either way, she is not feeling good and would appreciate prayers.

The short email she sent to me she told me that she went out on exchanges this last week and had a lot of fun.  While walking to appointments they had to jump across a river and climb through the bushes until they could find a safe path down to the other side. Always the adventurer! 

Have a wonderful week and keep Teal's positive attitude with you throughout the day.


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