Monday, September 26, 2016

She's Sick

*A note from Mom.  No email from Teal this week. She emailed her Dad to say that she is sick. She has a rash, fever and and is achy. She thinks it's probably Chikungunya. You can read about it HERE.  If it's not that then it might be Dengue Fever, but they don't think it's that.  You can read about Dengue HERE.  Either way, she is not feeling good and would appreciate prayers.

The short email she sent to me she told me that she went out on exchanges this last week and had a lot of fun.  While walking to appointments they had to jump across a river and climb through the bushes until they could find a safe path down to the other side. Always the adventurer! 

Have a wonderful week and keep Teal's positive attitude with you throughout the day.


Monday, September 19, 2016

Real love

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was another one of trials and fun!  It's weird how those two experiences work together but they do.  I learned a lot about having patience and cheerfulness and gratitude in trials. Heavenly Father WANTS us to experience trials.  He wants us to learn from them. So COMPLAINING is like telling Heavenly Father that we don't want to go to school because it's boring, or it's too hard.  I learned this week that if we just are patient, and try to be cheerful, then PEACE comes.  I testify that Jesus Christ gives me real peace.  Real love.  You know, it's hard to love people sometimes?  I don't believe someone is just born as a loving person.  Or maybe that's just me.  I'm not a super lovey person.  But I have to love people here which sometimes is hard!  So what I have learned is that Jesus Christ's love is PERFECT and HE can help me love other people.  And when you love other people, not just yourself, then life just gets better.  It really truly does. 

I testify Jesus Christ lives, and He loves us and wants me and you to be happy.  Open your minds, and look.  You'll find what you are looking for, every time.  I love you all!  Have a great week!

Sister Zimmerman 

Sorry no pictures this week. This com shop wouldn't let me upload for some reason. Also, we have a new mission rule. We are not allowed to take pictures while we are outside anymore. While walking, or proselyting. We can at the end of like Family Home Evenings with people, or at district meetings and we can on P-day but all the rest of the week, I leave my camera at home. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Keep On Keeping On

Hey family,

Not much to share this week.  A little stress, a little sweat.  We taught a lot of less active members this week which ended up with several attending sacrament meeting, and also really spiritual experiences where I could literally feel the love of Heavenly Father for these people! It's so great to feel that, and have the opportunity to experience that everyday. 

I'm really grateful to still have time remaining in  my mission.  A lot of people are going home!  I still have a few precious months left.  And I love it!  But I definitely feel my heart flying home every once in a while... 

I'm so grateful for the Philippines.  I love it here.  I love the people, especially.  I will always remember these precious experiences.  Another transfer has come to an end!  I am now starting up my 9th transfer, or cycle, in the mission field.  I am so excited! This new transfer is a new time to start over again, and keep doing the same good things  I was doing before.  I get to remain here in Dasmarinas City, in Bayan.  It's wonderful!  I have the same companions as well, which is a change.  I usually get bounced around a lot, so getting to experience a little longer is a blessing!

I love you all, have a great week

Sister Zimmerman 

Sister Livermore & Teal

Sister Livermore & Sister Decalcap
Setting up for the picture.....

Everyone say "cheese!"

House mates

Baptism Day!!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Follow all those words

Dear family,

I'm starting to forget my English.  Forgive me for not writing well, okay? BUT I LOVE YA ALL SO MUCH.

This week was pretty normal.  Very frustrating because we were SHUT DOWN a lot. We got kicked out of one of the subdivisions we teach in and then the granny member got ANGRY and kind of chased the security guards around.  Anyway, I don't know if we are allowed back but we will try so hard! kasi masipag.. because diligent...joke lang just joke

We have a baptism this week, and we are very excited.  Also, another transfer day is coming up. All in all, the work is progressing and life is sweaty and time is flying. 

I'm trying to appreciate these last 3 cycles transfers remaining.  It's crazy!  I'm excited though. I will make this the best part of my mission!  Work hard, be obedient.  Follow the prophet. Do these things and find JOY!!  I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ in it's beautiful simplicity.  I love all that is happening to me, even if it's hard.  Have a wonderful week!  Smile lots and BE OBEDIENT!  It'll all work out in the end.  I know now that it is true.

Mahal kita!  I love you!

Sister Zimmerman 

PS  Do you remember Tatay Molina!?  From my first area in Noveleta that I taught.  He finally got baptized!!!! MIRACLES! HE STOPPED SMOKING!! How amazing is this!?!? I love that guy so much. and he finally got in the water. Yay!!!!!!!!!! (see picture below)

I decorated my wall with articles of faith and prophets!

Tatay Molina on the day of his baptism! (Sister Fisher, in green,  is from my batch) 

Best house mates ever! 2 CAKES! Also, my name is Superman here.

Me and two beautiful sisters!