Monday, August 15, 2016

It's Raining a Lot!

​Hey family,

So really short right now!  I guess there's like 3 typhoons right now and it's crazy raining lots and WINDY AS HECK but we are having so much fun!  We are loving the work!  We are calling people to Christ, and with love, we are bringing them back.  I'll have more specific stories of spiritual awesomeness next week.  But for now, we are just having fun, teaching lots, getting really REALLY wet and chasing people down.

It's GREAT to be a missionary.  I love this work. I know it's true!!!  I read Mosiah chapter 14 today.  I think it's beautiful. 

I know Jesus is the Christ, that His church stands today as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I know that He loves us, directs and plans for us.  If we are obedient, we will be successful.

I love this church and all that it stands for.

I miss you lots and love you all!

Sister Zimmerman 

Sister Cacho and I are laughing because Sister Diaz sunk into the mud.
It's the small things that make your day.

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