Monday, August 22, 2016

In the Jungle

Dear Family!!!

KAMUSTA PO KAYO?!? HOW ARE YOU?!? My area is CRAZY! It's crazy I say. Let me share my adventures.

The Mighty Jungle! 

I crossed across two different rivers on logs. One of them was small, and not a big deal. My companion took a picture of me. 

The little bridge

The other river was very wide, but not very deep, and it was scary as heck.  I crossed first, barefoot.  I tried my best to remember gymnastics and balance beam days from when I was a kid. Then, in the middle of the log, and the deepest part of the nasty dirty river, I froze and my knees started to shake. I could either fall in or... RUN LIKE HECK.  So I ran.  And all the people stood on the shore, laughing, watching a white legged lady run barefoot across a river on a log.  SUCCESS.  I made it. Then my Filipina companion was scared and didn't want to cross and she wanted me come back but I was scared to return.  SO for 20 minutes I coaxed her to try and finally I called one of the teenage boys over, and had him walk in the river next to the log and hold her hand.  And she made it!  MIRACLE!  We found 3 WHOLE FAMILIES on the other side of that river!  We ended the week with 43 new investigators because of that day!

Here's a picture of my companion, trying to cross again, hahah THIS IS THE BIG RIVER!!

The big bridge. Check out the sketchy foot bridge hanging overhead for during the floods!

The work is awesome!  It's so true and so fun!  It's hard and stressful as well and I cry a lot too.  Satan is real and attacks all the goodness that is in the world ESPECIALLY our families! So my plea is that everyone will defend their families.  Stick up for your siblings and your Mom and Dad!  Say GOOD things about them.  Only good things!  Love them for who they CAN and WILL be. 

I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church of Jesus Christ and is the only church with authority to seal families forever.

Have a great week!  Remember to smile and say good things about your family!  I miss mine so much.  Love them while they are near!

Sister Zimmerman 

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  1. What a wonderful adventure! ANd I love what you say about Family. Bess and I are working on that because we have noticed we say the meanest things to each other and we want to focus on love and build up not tear down. Thank you Teal for saying it so much better! You are an inspiration!