Monday, July 11, 2016

Typhoon in the Philippines!! (still alive)

Dear family,

There's currently a typhoon here!  It's crazy. The worst is up by Taiwan, and here in Luzon, it's just raining, raining, raining, raining. And of course floods.  I hate the floods.  Dead rats float next to your legs and it's nasty.  But also so much an adventure!  I contracted a nice flu this week.  My body is taking a beating, but it's okay!  I'm being taken care of by a lot of people that care for me.  It's wonderful to feel the Lords love through others.

This week we had to slooooow down because me and Sister Bellita both got SICK.  Which sucks!  I don't like to slow down!  I want to work, work, work, work, work.  But I am learning that the Lord helps those who help themselves.  And so, we need to be humble, and rest our bodies.  You are useless when you are sick, ya know?  So follow the Word of Wisdom!

In all, I am happy!  Not all that healthy, but I'm working on it. The new mission president, President Speirs is great!  I already love him.  He described himself, when we first met him, as a "down to earth person" with a "chill personality" and I was like, heck yes!  This week we have interviews.  I am so excited to talk to him again.  He's the greatest.

Not much of an update, but here's the long awaited pictures.

Love you!!

Sister Zimmerman 

Say Jamaba

I found a Jamba Juice!
Bacoor, my new area

This 3 yr old cutie in my shoes.
(in the Philippines you remove your shoes before you enter anyones home)

Our district leader from Australia 

I call him my baby brother.  He is easily embarrassed just like Rafe.

Me and my new companion, Sister Bellita!
A selfie so you remember what my face looks like!

Some sisters that I love!

My companion and my housemate

My housemates

The only part of my area that isn't ghetto-a field, randomly in the center. I count it
as a tender mercy. 

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