Monday, July 25, 2016

The Lord Strengthens Us

You know... I really know that's true.  All the Lord asks of us, is to obey.  And if you do it, He immediately blesses us.  Or helps.  Or supports. 

I read this scripture today, Mosiah 2:22-24.  This is an ancient king, who was also a prophet of God, just like Moses, Noah and Samuel in the Bible.  His name is King Benjamin, and he's just a wonderful person.  If I wasn't a missionary, I'd call him a babe because what he teaches is super clear and amazing.  So read this: 

 22 And behold, all that he requires of you is to keep his commandments; and he has promised you that if ye would keep his commandments ye should prosper in the land; and he never doth vary from that which he hath said; therefore, if ye do keep his commandments he doth bless you and prosper you.
 23 And now, in the first place, he hath created you, and granted unto you your lives, for which ye are indebted unto him.
 24 And secondly, he doth require that ye should do as he hath commanded you; for which if ye do, he doth immediately bless you; and therefore he hath paid you. And ye are still indebted unto him, and are, and will be, forever and ever; therefore, of what have ye to boast?
AWESOME!! I love these verses. 
Simple. The gospel, or Heavenly Fathers plan, isn't hard.  It really isn't hard to understand. Maybe hard to do, but start small.  Read your scriptures.  Everyday. Thats a commandment. And then BLESSINGS.  Then go to prayer.  Everyday.  Also a commandment.  And then BLESSINGS.  Now something maybe a little harder.  Go to church.  Every Sunday. oooh, maybe a struggle.  But try it.  AND THEN BLESSINGS!!!!
That's what I'm trying this week anyway.  I want to be obedient to someone who wants to HELP ME.  My Father.  My literal, actual, living Heavenly Father.  WHO LOVES ME.  Why shouldn't I trust and listen? And you too?  If you aren't too sure about God, about trust in Him.  I just want to invite you to TRY.  Like, for a week.  Or maybe a month (if it's going to church) and TRY God out.  My promise is that He will be there for you because He has always been there for me.  But try it out.  And if it doesn't work for you, if you end up feeling nothing, then don't keep going.  But I know it'll work.  I am that confident that you'll feel Him. 
Here in my area of Las Pinas, it's crazy hot everyday.  And it's still dirty ghetto.  I can't take it.  But I love doing this.  And I also very much so miss home.  So help me out a little, and share your spiritual experiences with me.  So then I won't feel like I want to go home so much..  
I love you all!  And I hope you have an amazing week!  I know the gospel is true and I know this church is true.  I feel it.  No one told me, I just found it and learned for myself.  And I know this week can be amazing if we all try to do things a little bit more like the Savior.  Being obedient isn't just for missionaries!  Let's do it together.
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