Monday, June 20, 2016

There can be miracles..believe!!

Dear family,

I had an AMAZING, WONDERFUL, miracle inspired week.  Here's an experience I would like to share:

We have a LA (less active) family that we knew about, had visited once but didn't really KNOW them. We met them from when there were 6 sisters in our area and the other sisters taught us how to find them. We planned one day to go visit them a couple weeks ago, prayed and studied for them, and we even printed off a talk from President Uchtdorf called "Forget me Not" which I had studied in personal study, and felt impressed to give to the sister. We knew this family was struggling, but when we visited them, it had just felt like a very unproductive meeting because as we read the Book of Mormon the 4 children were screaming and running around and the father left before we really started anything and the mother appeared to not really be listening. As we were about to leave and were inviting them to church, and promising blessings for them if they did come to church, the mother went on for about 20 minutes or so telling us why they COULDN'T go to church, which just discouraged us.  Fast forward to week before last, we felt impressed to go visit them. We showed up, on a rainy day, and they were all super sick. They told us they had been praying for someone to come to them. As a family, they had been talking about wanting to get baptized. We thought they were a LA family, but really, they are a part member. Only one sister is a member.  Even more, all of them are former investigators. The kids are 9 and 10, and want to get baptized. The father really wants to get baptized.  He started living the word of wisdom, remembering what the Elders taught him way back when, and believing it would bless his family.  He stopped running his shop on Sunday, wanting to keep the Sabbath-day holy, and then we showed up. They professed that we had answered their prayers and felt like Heavenly Father knew they were sick and that it was evidence that He knew them.

Since this event, this family attended church yesterday and the sister paid her tithing, even though this was her first time back in church in 2 years. The non-member brother referred US to all of his family! We went during our finding time, and taught his sister. As we explained that we have LIVING prophets and apostles, she actually gasped, and asked if we were telling the truth. We answered yes, and asked if we could come back everyday and teach her more and teach her family about the living prophet and apostles. 

MIRACLES COME! And what we are taught about finding is true. We found these people through contacting Less Active/Part Members, not just OYM (open your mouth). This family is AMAZING. They have asked us to help them get prepared to be sealed together next year.

We taught this family again last night, and they were so sweet, and so teary-eyed as they expressed their feelings from church. We didn't even commit them, they committed themselves, last night, to attend church every Sunday. Knowing they don't have enough money to travel so far every week, they have promised each other as a family to go. What one sister said, as she cried, and this is my rough translation, "I may not be able to provide every physical need my children need, but I can provide them with the spiritual. And we will do that by going to church." She then pulled out the talk we had given her from President Uchtdorf, and she tearily described how it had helped her. She had read all the scripture references at the end of the talk, and especially loved Ether 12:27... It was so sweet, she has it saved in plastic, in a binder, and keeps it with her scriptures. 

This experience taught me that even lessons like that first one, as crazy as it felt, still left something good.  PMG (Preach My Gospel) says no effort is wasted! I saw that this week.

This week was amazing.  I learned so much!  I don't even know how we did what we did this week... I have no idea how this happened. Just kidding, I know it's nothing I did, or what Sister Teava did. The Lord sends His prepared servants to those who are crying out. God knows His children. I learned that this week.

Keep your chins up!  And smile lots!  I'm sorry, I thought I took pictures, but we taught so much and walked a lot, that I never did haha. WE GOT SO MUCH DONE!  I loved it.

New news!  I am transferred from Trece Martires city, and I am going to Springville. Whoo!  I'm so sad to leave, I might cry.  But I'm so excited to experience another adventure!  I might cry because I have to flipping pack again. but no worries! Hahah

Love you all and have a great week!  Remember to be happy! Actually, think about it...And choose happiness. We can do it together.

Sister Zimmerman 

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  1. You continue to amaze and inspire me. I will re-read this several more times and will include it inmy mnthly message to my "LA" families. I know two that will get a LOT from it. I love all our missionaries and I especially appreciate what you are doing! Thanks and keep up the GREAT work.