Monday, April 4, 2016

Trials of greatness

Dear family,

7 months is a good long time. For me, it's flown by so fast.  SO VERY FAST!  I only have 11 months left. Which, sounds long, but then again, so does 7 months.  And it's been quick.  I don't pray for time to speed up or slow down.  I just want to do my best, completely finish my part, and return with honor to CONTINUE using all the skills and knowledge I gained here.  I am starting to see just how much my Heavenly Father has invested in me.  So much time, energy, and training goes into me and every other missionary to get us to this position of functionality.  I can't go home and just flop down, and think FINALLY I'M DONE!  For me, for every current missionary, and RM (returned missionary), and all members everywhere, it should never ever be 'I'M FINALLY DONE.' because it never really stops. "It", being our missionary service, and efforts.  Most members really kind of stink at missionary work. They don't do it, because they don't know how, or don't understand WHY it's so important.  I've seen the other side, and now I get it.  You DO know someone you could refer to the missionaries, don't make excuses, just help your friend out.  Prepare them.  Talk to them.  More importantly, LISTEN TO THEM.  And then have the missionaries over.

I enjoy my new area well.  It's hard because I didn't realize something last week.  That being my new area is just opening.  So it hasn't had missionaries for a loooooong time and now me and my trainee are opening it.  It's great.  I love it.  I'm so stressed.  I cry everyday.  I'm loving it.

My new companion isn't Filipino so it's up to me to speak Tagalog all the time, which is another trial of greatness. My beautiful, wonderful greenie is Sister Teava from Tuvalu. which is a small island near Tonga, which is kind of near to Fiji.  She is so cute!  The picture is just a selfie in the computer shop we are in.  But I'll send more pictures next week because I will make a point to take lots of pictures!  New area, new things to see and do! 

Overall, I am super okay. Stressed, but my trials of greatness (as I now call them) just keep falling on me and I'm just plugging along, skipping and singing the pains away.  Trial of greatness.  It's great, it's big, but I become great through it.  They don't write stories about heroes who had a wonderful easy life, ya know?

There's a purpose behind everything, and no coincidences.  Have faith, have hope, and work through this next week with me.  No one is alone in their individual trials, so let's remember everyone's dealing with it, and do it together. Work through it with me this week, and lets make sure we end the week with our knees a little darker, and our scripture pages a little more used and marked.

Love you all! Let's try again, and do it right this time. 

Give your all, give your best!

Sister Zimmerman 

Sisters Zimmerman & Teava (from Tuvalu)


  1. I am so excited for you and all you are experiencing! It seems you are gaing a lot of very positive testimonies. You hard work is poaying big dividends, and, as always, I so enjoy reading of your experiences. Keep up the great work and know there are many of us behind what you are doing.

  2. Hi Teal!

    My son is wanting to ask you two questions for his Awana project.

    1. Is it good to be a missionary?
    2. Do you like it?

    Thank you,

    PS. I thought of you when it asked for a missionary :)

    1. Hi Jerri....this is Teal's mom. I am responsible for her blog while she is away. (she emails me the letters and I post them for her here) I just saw your question today and I have sent it on to her, but she won't see it for a week since she only logs on to the computer once a week for one hour. Check back and I'll post her reply here when I hear back from her. ;)

  3. Hi Jerri! Thanks for asking. What's an Awana project?
    Sounds fun.

    1. It is good to be a missionary. I have the opportunity to speak to so many different people, from all over the Philippines. They speak hundreds of different dialects, but I communicate with them using Tagalog, the common language. It's good because I am sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their language so they can learn how to be happy by following Heavenly Fathers commandments.
    2. I really like being a missionary, but the better word is that I LOVE to be a missionary. I learn so much about humility, patience, love and charity. I get to experience a lot, and see new things, talk to new people, and overall prepare myself to be a more successful and happy person. Serving others here is the happiest I have ever been and now I know that serving others is the best way to find our own happiness.

    Good luck on your projects, and have fun!

    Sister Zimmerman