Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy Lang!

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all!

Dear family,

This has been an interesting time here in Trece Matires city.  Our branch has finally assigned us an area, (causing a little strife among all 6 missionaries, but it's all good) and Sister Teava and I are ready to get to work!  So much has happened.  So much.  But it's fun.  We watched General Conference this past weekend.  What a wonderful conference!  I loved it!  I loved Elder Holland's talk, because he is always one of my very favorite speakers, but I felt so inspired.  

This week:
 -I saw crazy drivers and animals get hit (which made me cry for a couple days)
 -Two little boys serenaded me and a jeepney full of missionaries, as we were waiting to leave conference.  They were probably 6-8 years old.  Singing for food and money. They were super talented!  We gave them crackers.
 -Aaaand we went tracting out to find an investigators house in the middle of a field and ended up walking in complete darkness for half an hour.  It was cool, you could see all the stars and I felt so loved by my Heavenly Father, in the middle of no where with no electricity.  :-)

Spiritually, I am learning the need of sacrifice.  I have promised to my Heavenly Father that I would sacrifice my time and energy, my talents and my all, just to serve Him.  That is sometimes difficult to do.  But I am learning (and as stated by Elder Holland) that you do in fact get credit for trying. So don't give up. 

Remembering that this week is my goal.  Sometimes...I already told my Dad this, but sometimes it's dang hard. The trials rock my world and shake me down to my very core, but the fact is that if I give my best, if I just TRY, the merciful plan of a loving Father in Heaven is at work and does affect me for the better in every possible way.  So, something we say here a lot is HAPPY LANG! Lang means, just. So Just Happy!  In response to some things we say that.  So, in reality brothers and sisters, just try.  You DO get credit for just TRYING.  Not a wimpy, "Oh maybe I'll TRY" and then failing because you didn't really do anything.  But a sincere effort, and making the best of situations, and then realizing that even if it's not enough, its okay, 

This is my testimony, I know it's true.

Love you all.

Sister "Z"immerman/Sister Superman/Sister Zeehhh/Sister Spiderman

Sister Teava and I found a TREE. A perfect tree. Because it wasn't hot under the tree. We took a picture by the jeepney.

Tracting again (opening an area is hard because you don't specifically have a place to be) We walked down this road for a loooong time. It never ended. We still can't find the end, or a turn. We sat and took a picture

The never ending road and a tricycle

Out with the others sisters, trying to learn our new areas

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  1. You are every bit as inspirational as many of the talks from this last conference. What a great example you are for me. Thanks and continue your journey.