Monday, April 25, 2016

MIRACLES and lots of pictures

 Dear family,

This week was another crazy one.  It was also one of the best of my entire mission!  It's been so good and happy and I learned so much.  

I had one sick day, on Tuesday, where I couldn't go out, so we stayed home and studied all day (see the picture of me in green).  Thats my proof of total exhaustion mixed with the worst stomach cramps of my entire life.  I don't know what happened inside of me, but a mini war broke out and I thought I was dying and was on the phone with a nurse, who was on the phone with a doctor in Manila all day.  They told me to drink more water.  That made me a little angry, so prayed, drank my dumb water and laid down.  Now I'm fine... :-) haha 

The very next day we went right back to work and found SO many new investigators and taught a LOT of lessons. It was a great day.

The next day, a repeat. 

We are so blessed!  I love the Lord, I love this church, I love this work.  I know it's true.  I'm sacrificing my personal health staying here but I'm not going home 'till I finish my part.  I'm being taken care of by seen and unseen forces.

Love you all.

Be safe, smile lots.

Sister Z

Drinking from fresh coconuts at a members house


Sister Teava teaching a cow because we live in a major city AND the middle of no where at the same time

Team teaching a cow

Challenge accepted
Us and Melanie, our best friend and ivestigator

Me and my new best friend Melanie

This is an old picture, Sister Melad gave me a mini birthday.

What happens when you accidently see your old companion at the mall and then BOOM family picture. This is me and both of the missionaries I've trained (my anaks)

My area, it's nice and has a lot of people
In a tricycle 

Trece branch building is small and beautiful 

My apartment ( I didn't clean before pics)

Apartment, our desks

Apartment, its ugly, thats fine I like it

Me being sick and using Auntie Lizs coloring book (THANK YOU AUNTIE!)

Monday, April 18, 2016

A marvelous work and a wonder

Dear family,

Doctrine and Covenants section 4 verse 1 says "Now behold, a marvelous work and a wonder is about to come forth among the children of men."

There are some weeks, some days, some months, my whole mission, but especially this week, that I feel that this is a MARVELOUS work that I am doing and I WONDER at the miracles I see.  As we open an area in Trece Martires branch, I have come to notice that it is a little difficult. Just a little.  And my reliance on the Lord just got HUGE because of the difficulties we were trying to deal with. But what has been so amazing is that when you rely on the Lord, and not fake it, not pretend to rely like a plastic, but actually, truly exercise faith and hope, you have MIRACLES. Not a lie! This week I learned something again. Something I already knew, but that was impressed upon my mind again and that is GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS IN REAL WAYS IN REAL TIME. That takes a lot of faith to realize, but once you do you can never be truly unhappy or hopeless again.

I prayed so much for people to teach. For new 'investigators'.  I really wanted to have assistance in finding, and speaking. It's difficult to do in practice. SO I prayed. A lot. And we had all our prayers answered, even if it wasn't the answer we wanted or expected. Sometimes that it just how it works out.  This week we met a 21 year old girl name Melanie. She is the greatest. She is becoming one of our best friends. Watching someone else, who felt far away from God, and watching her as she progresses to become this strong woman, encouraged and empowered through prayers excites and encourages me and Sister Teava. God empowers His children.

I know it, because I have truly seen it with my own two eyes.

I know Jesus Christ lives, and loves each of us. I know He is the Son of God.

I know Heavenly Father knows each of us and wants us to be safe and POWERFUL in our lives.  God wants you to be a powerful, spiritual, loved and charitable person. 

I know this is true. 

In the name of Jesus Christ,

Sister Zimmerman 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy Lang!

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all!

Dear family,

This has been an interesting time here in Trece Matires city.  Our branch has finally assigned us an area, (causing a little strife among all 6 missionaries, but it's all good) and Sister Teava and I are ready to get to work!  So much has happened.  So much.  But it's fun.  We watched General Conference this past weekend.  What a wonderful conference!  I loved it!  I loved Elder Holland's talk, because he is always one of my very favorite speakers, but I felt so inspired.  

This week:
 -I saw crazy drivers and animals get hit (which made me cry for a couple days)
 -Two little boys serenaded me and a jeepney full of missionaries, as we were waiting to leave conference.  They were probably 6-8 years old.  Singing for food and money. They were super talented!  We gave them crackers.
 -Aaaand we went tracting out to find an investigators house in the middle of a field and ended up walking in complete darkness for half an hour.  It was cool, you could see all the stars and I felt so loved by my Heavenly Father, in the middle of no where with no electricity.  :-)

Spiritually, I am learning the need of sacrifice.  I have promised to my Heavenly Father that I would sacrifice my time and energy, my talents and my all, just to serve Him.  That is sometimes difficult to do.  But I am learning (and as stated by Elder Holland) that you do in fact get credit for trying. So don't give up. 

Remembering that this week is my goal.  Sometimes...I already told my Dad this, but sometimes it's dang hard. The trials rock my world and shake me down to my very core, but the fact is that if I give my best, if I just TRY, the merciful plan of a loving Father in Heaven is at work and does affect me for the better in every possible way.  So, something we say here a lot is HAPPY LANG! Lang means, just. So Just Happy!  In response to some things we say that.  So, in reality brothers and sisters, just try.  You DO get credit for just TRYING.  Not a wimpy, "Oh maybe I'll TRY" and then failing because you didn't really do anything.  But a sincere effort, and making the best of situations, and then realizing that even if it's not enough, its okay, 

This is my testimony, I know it's true.

Love you all.

Sister "Z"immerman/Sister Superman/Sister Zeehhh/Sister Spiderman

Sister Teava and I found a TREE. A perfect tree. Because it wasn't hot under the tree. We took a picture by the jeepney.

Tracting again (opening an area is hard because you don't specifically have a place to be) We walked down this road for a loooong time. It never ended. We still can't find the end, or a turn. We sat and took a picture

The never ending road and a tricycle

Out with the others sisters, trying to learn our new areas

Monday, April 4, 2016

Trials of greatness

Dear family,

7 months is a good long time. For me, it's flown by so fast.  SO VERY FAST!  I only have 11 months left. Which, sounds long, but then again, so does 7 months.  And it's been quick.  I don't pray for time to speed up or slow down.  I just want to do my best, completely finish my part, and return with honor to CONTINUE using all the skills and knowledge I gained here.  I am starting to see just how much my Heavenly Father has invested in me.  So much time, energy, and training goes into me and every other missionary to get us to this position of functionality.  I can't go home and just flop down, and think FINALLY I'M DONE!  For me, for every current missionary, and RM (returned missionary), and all members everywhere, it should never ever be 'I'M FINALLY DONE.' because it never really stops. "It", being our missionary service, and efforts.  Most members really kind of stink at missionary work. They don't do it, because they don't know how, or don't understand WHY it's so important.  I've seen the other side, and now I get it.  You DO know someone you could refer to the missionaries, don't make excuses, just help your friend out.  Prepare them.  Talk to them.  More importantly, LISTEN TO THEM.  And then have the missionaries over.

I enjoy my new area well.  It's hard because I didn't realize something last week.  That being my new area is just opening.  So it hasn't had missionaries for a loooooong time and now me and my trainee are opening it.  It's great.  I love it.  I'm so stressed.  I cry everyday.  I'm loving it.

My new companion isn't Filipino so it's up to me to speak Tagalog all the time, which is another trial of greatness. My beautiful, wonderful greenie is Sister Teava from Tuvalu. which is a small island near Tonga, which is kind of near to Fiji.  She is so cute!  The picture is just a selfie in the computer shop we are in.  But I'll send more pictures next week because I will make a point to take lots of pictures!  New area, new things to see and do! 

Overall, I am super okay. Stressed, but my trials of greatness (as I now call them) just keep falling on me and I'm just plugging along, skipping and singing the pains away.  Trial of greatness.  It's great, it's big, but I become great through it.  They don't write stories about heroes who had a wonderful easy life, ya know?

There's a purpose behind everything, and no coincidences.  Have faith, have hope, and work through this next week with me.  No one is alone in their individual trials, so let's remember everyone's dealing with it, and do it together. Work through it with me this week, and lets make sure we end the week with our knees a little darker, and our scripture pages a little more used and marked.

Love you all! Let's try again, and do it right this time. 

Give your all, give your best!

Sister Zimmerman 

Sisters Zimmerman & Teava (from Tuvalu)