Monday, March 7, 2016

Self Evaluation is Essential

Magandang araw po sa inyo lahat! Good day to you all!
Mahal ko kayo, talaga! I love you, really!

What a week.  The struggles were so very real! But's okay! Because I learned so much! And I became a better missionary, or I least I really hope so.

This weeks lesson kids is on humility!  You can't do anything without our gracious and kind and long suffering Heavenly Father. Don't try it, it's not going to work out.  Maybe you think you are already humble.  I did.  But I have been so prideful.  And I know it's easy to think everything is fine, and you can work on being more humble tomorrow, but don't put it off. Evaluate yourself, and then keep trying.  Self evaluation is essential to eternal salvation!  Because if you check your progress in a spirit of humility and patience, you will be able to learn from your mistakes, but don't tear yourself down.

My last thought- smile more. Your cheeks are gonna hurt and it's good.  If your knees hurt from praying (mine are forever dark and bruised now haha), and your face hurts from smiling, you are doing the best thing.

Smile lots, and read your scriptures. Heck, smile while you read. Someone will notice and wonder why that book makes you happy!

Love ya all.

Sister Zimmerman 

Me & some of my favorite missionaries!

Beach Day! Can you see the islands off in the distance? 

The missionaries in my zone had a special Pday trip to the beach!

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