Monday, March 14, 2016

Getting Sick

 ​Kamusta po kayo lahat?!  Mami miss kita talaga!!!  How are you all ?!  Miss you very much !!!

This week was all good except for getting sick.  It's always terrible to get sick as a missionary because I feel worthless as I lay down and sleep and take meds.  But I am hoping and praying to be all better soon!  I'm still not great today, but I can try my best anyway!   I'm just really, really tired and easily feel dizzy.  But all is well!  I've got priesthood holders for blessings and medicine abound!

News! I'm getting hecka skinny.... None of my clothes fit me anymore.  So I started finding cheap clothes on the street which is great.  Yay for missionary life!

Not much else is happening here.  I feel my testimony of the Book of Mormon growing.  It's wonderful!  I love the Book of Mormon.  It makes me feel closer to God.  Please read the Book of Mormon today.  Read 1 Nephi, chapter 1-2 and look for how you can apply it.  I read those chapters today, and I felt like there are messages in EVERY VERSE that someone, somewhere can apply.

I am 6 months in to my mission already!  I am getting to the age of an "old" missionary soon. WOW. Isn't that crazy!?  I'm almost done training my anak, which is also crazy. 

I took no pictures this week!  At all!  So I took a bunch of selfies just now here in the computer shop.  I've also attached a couple pictures  as well from last week when I ate adobo out of a giant banana leaf.  Cool!  Read about adobo here.

Love you all!

Remember to smile :)

Sister Zimmerman 

Sister Tau & Sister Zimmerman

My anak, Sister Melad


Adobo, wrapped in a Banana leaf

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  1. I will put your name on Orlando Temple rolls today. Get better and enjoy what you can!