Monday, March 28, 2016

Aalis na ako! (I'm leaving!)

Dear family,

Today, at 7:30am, my mission president called me.  I answered in Tagalog. "Good morning Sister Zimmerman!"  "Wow! You are getting fluent in Tagalog! Well, I have a couple more assignments for you..."  Oh my, no guys.  When President Tye calls you, you know it's going down.

I am opening an area, or "shot gunning", as we call it here.  Which means that the previous missionaries are getting pulled out, and then I'll get dropped in.  It's hard because no one has addresses here, so I don't know where to go to teach.  That's the first part of my new assignment. The second part is that I am training again.  So my companion won't know what's going on either.    :-) It's all just a great big bundle of fun. :-)  I AM SO EXCITED and also terrified.  This will be only my 2nd area.  I've been in Noveleta, my first area, since October! I have no idea what it's like outside my little corner of the world.  But my current companion gave me a quote from Elder M. Russell Ballard, which says "Nothing is impossible, when you do your very best, in the Lord's work." Nothing is impossible!  Right now, my future seems a little impossible. And dang hard guys, but an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ says NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Wow! Astig talaga cause see, alam ng Diyo ang mga pagsubuk natin, at merson siya awa para sa atin. Alam ko po na, meron siya ng perpektong plano para sa lahat ng mga tao.  Really cool cause see, God knows our trials, and He has mercy for us. I know that, He has the perfect plan for all people.  God understands. He has all knowledge, and all power. Have faith, have trust.  I'm scared, but I have faith it'll work out. The Lord will help me, because He can and has promised He would. He has the resources, and answers you seek. Turn to Him, remember Him.  Jesus Christ lives. He is real, and alive, and loves you.

Have a great week guys!  I'll email home pictures next week.

Take care! Love you all, ingat palagi.  always take care.

Sister Zimmerman

*Below are some pictures from Pres & Siter Tye from a zone conference

Teal, her companion on her left Str Melad & Sister Tau in pink

Zone activity with Pres & Sister Tye

Las PiƱas, Bacoor, Cavite, Naic and Molino Zones

Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Traditions

Dear family,

Magandang araw sa inyo lahat!  Good day to you all!

I have very little time again. Today we have a district activity and we have permission to watch DISNEY MOVIES! I think we might even get to watch Hotel Translvania 2.  I don't know, but I can hope!!

So, Mom you were asking about Easter celebrations over here. Oh. My. Gosh.  There are giant, creepy, life-size saints on giant parade floats everywhere. CREEPY.  The saints creep me out, they have real, donated, human hair and creepy eyes that often have blood dripping.  Especially this black saint with long hair, carrying a gold cross.  He's bleeding, but he's not supposed to be Christ.  I'm not sure who he represents. It's really loud here.  All the churches are playing weird moaning music.  It's someone singing a prayer and it sounds like moaning.  Creepy.  I don't like it.  Yesterday was Palm Sunday and so everyone was walking around with palm leaves and sticks and pictures of saints.  Then the Catholic Church (the really big local one) started ringing it's bells and playing loud music.  This week is called Holy Week.  Apparently everything is going to shut down and stayed closed Thursday-Sunday.   So I have to stock the house with food.  I am really excited to celebrate Easter, but I don't know whats going to happen.  Probably nothing.  Is it this Sunday?  I don't even know when it is.  Easter is mostly a religious thing here, and not a family, dinner, and candy thing.  Maybe we will eat.  I might end up just inviting ourselves over to bishop's house. No one feeds us unless we invite ourselves. Haha  Once we do they are happy to have us. I think they believe the missionaries are doing their own thing and have plans and so they don't ask us...except no does and we are hungry! Hahaha  Anyway, I'm going to miss ham, potatoes and everything else. I miss American food. 

As I am watching the local traditions celebrating the life of Christ and I think of my own family traditions and the teachings of our Church I think of what a beautiful message the gospel is and specifically Easter.  It is a time for us to remember all that Jesus has done for us and how very much He loves us. Each of us individually! Because of Him we will all live again. Because of Him we can live eternally with our families. Because of Him! What can be greater? Family is forever! What a marvelous gift we have because of Him.  Like Elder Holland said, because Christ walked that long, lonely, path alone....we don't have to. He will not leave us. May we have the continued courage to stand with Him "at all times and in all places" because it is my testimony that this gospel, His gospel, is true.  That Jesus Christ lives!  He offered Himself as a sacrifice for all mankind and best and most glorious of all He rose again on the 3rd day!  All the blessings we have are because of Him and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have the chance to be a missionary, a representative of Christ and to share His gospel with the beautiful people here in the Philippines. I truly love being here! 

I'm excited about General Conference coming up, but we get everything a week later here. I'm not sure why.  So even though Women's Conference is this weekend I won't see it until next weekend while you are watching the main conference.  Then the following weekend we will get to watch the General Conference sessions. 

I lost the cord to my camera so I don't have any pictures this week. I'll buy another at the big super mall (they literally have EVERYTHING) and then send you pictures next week.

I am feeling better this week, just tired and sore, but I am out working again so I'm happy.  Thank you everyone for your prayers! 

Ingot palagi! MAHAL KITA LAHAT  Always take care! LOVE YOU ALL

Love Sister Zimmerman

Monday, March 14, 2016

Getting Sick

 ​Kamusta po kayo lahat?!  Mami miss kita talaga!!!  How are you all ?!  Miss you very much !!!

This week was all good except for getting sick.  It's always terrible to get sick as a missionary because I feel worthless as I lay down and sleep and take meds.  But I am hoping and praying to be all better soon!  I'm still not great today, but I can try my best anyway!   I'm just really, really tired and easily feel dizzy.  But all is well!  I've got priesthood holders for blessings and medicine abound!

News! I'm getting hecka skinny.... None of my clothes fit me anymore.  So I started finding cheap clothes on the street which is great.  Yay for missionary life!

Not much else is happening here.  I feel my testimony of the Book of Mormon growing.  It's wonderful!  I love the Book of Mormon.  It makes me feel closer to God.  Please read the Book of Mormon today.  Read 1 Nephi, chapter 1-2 and look for how you can apply it.  I read those chapters today, and I felt like there are messages in EVERY VERSE that someone, somewhere can apply.

I am 6 months in to my mission already!  I am getting to the age of an "old" missionary soon. WOW. Isn't that crazy!?  I'm almost done training my anak, which is also crazy. 

I took no pictures this week!  At all!  So I took a bunch of selfies just now here in the computer shop.  I've also attached a couple pictures  as well from last week when I ate adobo out of a giant banana leaf.  Cool!  Read about adobo here.

Love you all!

Remember to smile :)

Sister Zimmerman 

Sister Tau & Sister Zimmerman

My anak, Sister Melad


Adobo, wrapped in a Banana leaf

Monday, March 7, 2016

Self Evaluation is Essential

Magandang araw po sa inyo lahat! Good day to you all!
Mahal ko kayo, talaga! I love you, really!

What a week.  The struggles were so very real! But's okay! Because I learned so much! And I became a better missionary, or I least I really hope so.

This weeks lesson kids is on humility!  You can't do anything without our gracious and kind and long suffering Heavenly Father. Don't try it, it's not going to work out.  Maybe you think you are already humble.  I did.  But I have been so prideful.  And I know it's easy to think everything is fine, and you can work on being more humble tomorrow, but don't put it off. Evaluate yourself, and then keep trying.  Self evaluation is essential to eternal salvation!  Because if you check your progress in a spirit of humility and patience, you will be able to learn from your mistakes, but don't tear yourself down.

My last thought- smile more. Your cheeks are gonna hurt and it's good.  If your knees hurt from praying (mine are forever dark and bruised now haha), and your face hurts from smiling, you are doing the best thing.

Smile lots, and read your scriptures. Heck, smile while you read. Someone will notice and wonder why that book makes you happy!

Love ya all.

Sister Zimmerman 

Me & some of my favorite missionaries!

Beach Day! Can you see the islands off in the distance? 

The missionaries in my zone had a special Pday trip to the beach!