Monday, February 1, 2016

Sad experience this week

Magandang umaga o hapon o gabi sa inyo lahat! Good morning or afternoon or evening to you all!

I love being a missionary.

"A kiekie is a Tongan dress, an ornamental girdle around the waist,
mainly worn by women on semiformal occasions,..."

Sister Tau & Teal

This week was great. We learned so much!  It's always hard but that is the best part.  Explanation for the pictures above! Sister Tau is from Tonga and she is the greatest person ever.  I love her!  She's my kabahay, so she's my housemate.  She put her kiekie on me and says that I am a Polynesian girl now!  I love her!  She's teaching me some Tongan songs.

This week was great because I grew close with my Filipina anak, si Sister Melad.  She's the greatest!  I love loosing myself in the Lord's work, among His beloved Filipino people.  Everyday is an adventure, and I'm learning so much.  Bilbo Baggins was right, I'm going on an adventure!  New people, new friends new experiences.

We had a little sad experience this week.  We accidently knocked on a door and met a man who had been taught by missionaries a long time ago. He never joined the church, even though he believes it's all true except for 1 thing, Joseph Smith. He thinks Brother Joseph Smith is a fraud, and a lier.  This man wanted to fight with us and argue over the Bible. We didn't. We left and said we would come back the next day when we could have a spiritual and uplifting experience. He agreed. We went back everyday for 3 days, but he was asleep or not feeling well.  But we felt like we needed to be there.  On the 3rd day, he was very very sick. Laying on his side and crying. They were going to leave for the hospital but wanted us to come in. We prayed with them over this brother. Then we left and the brother died an hour and a half hour later. This kind of scared me.  I felt like Heavenly Father was really trying to reach out to this precious child of God.
I see miracles everyday.  This time, I saw the hand of our loving Heavenly Father, as He used His missionaries to reach out to this suffering child, another time.  To know Heavenly Father used me for such a purpose places me in a state of awe.

I know God lives.  I know He is real, with a body of flesh and bone. I know Jesus is the Christ, and that through Jesus Christ we are saved from sin and death.  I love this church.  I know it safe guards the true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ, as restored through Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith is a true prophet!  I know it.  I know these things are true in the name of my beloved Savior Jesus Christ, Amen

Till next week.

Smile.  And look UP.  See those blessings this week. They are everywhere!


Sister Zimmerman 

One of my favorite areas, Exodus, Nawasa

Me "in the field in action" Hahaha

Made Ratastoupie-a family favorite. My housemates LOVED it!!
At their request I'll make it every week now. 

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