Monday, February 8, 2016

Knock, knock, knock!

Hey, hey, hey!

This week was one of the hardest I've experienced in a while.  When you go out to work in the morning, you have a plan.  You schedule visits to investigators and less active families.  You pray and study for these specific individuals.  Then you leave the apartment, and walk far, far away to their homes.  You knock, knock, knock!, as my companion says, and then... they don't answer.  They yell at you.  They slam the door, they say come back next time, they say don't come back at all, and then you walk and walk and walk and walk and can't find anyone to teach.  This my friends, we call being 'punted'.  To be 'punted' is to go through every plan and back up plan, and not be able to teach, despite your best efforts.  My companion and I were punted everyday this week.

What is a missionary that doesn't teach?  Lazy?  I don't know.  It doesn't feel good, I'll tell you that!  We walked so much!  We tried a lot!  But it never seemed to work out.
After such a hard week, what did I learn?  That everything is in the Lord's time and the Lord's way.  I like what Sister Natalie Sellers said in her last email, you can't force missionary work.

What I learned this week is that there is no other work that is like this.  All of us missionaries will never be the same again, or do the same things again.  We are changed eternally.  I am stressed today, and all last week.  It's hard, of course!  I'm being pushed and stretched and it's painful!  I hurt!  I'm emotionally and spiritually attaching myself to people here, and then they push me away.  It's hard.  But that's life kids.  Life is supposed to be hard.  Don't complain about it!  Satan will have you to believe that you are an exception, and then get angry when things don't work out the way you want them.  Satan wants you to blame God, blame your family, blame someone else because those are attributes of darkness. But don't fall into it.   Don't let that become part of you.  You are shaping your eternity, here and now.  Focus, smile and move on.

Love you!

Have a great week!

Ingat palagi! Kita kits,  Always take care! See you,

<3 Sister Z

                    After a mass Visiting and Home teaching caravan we eat at the church
 Rice, of course... rice and soy sauce run in my veins now.

My new district 

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