Monday, February 29, 2016

Don't you ever give up!

Magandang araw sa inyo lahat!  Good day to you all!

My trainee, or anak, has reached her 8th week of the 12 week New Missionary training program.  ASTIG MAN! BRUTE/THUG MAN!  She is so magaling. good.

Dito, sa Pilippinas, here in the Philippines, it's hot.  It's dang hot.  Hecka hot.  I'm sweating up a storm here.  That's not new, but I felt it especially today because I waited around a lot while my anak child dealt with some family and money problems.  It took sooo much time.  And we had to travel on the open air mini chicken buses all day.  So, it was dang hot y'all.

Walang nothing in pictures today because I cannot find my camera cord. Next week na lang po! for sure then!

We had more trials and struggles, it was awesome.  We found new investigators, and taught lessons.  We struggled through.  I didn't get transferred, so I remain in Noveleta for another 6 weeks.  It's all good!  I want to see these people get baptized.  We are trying to baptize everyone, so we set the goal to ask every person we teach to get baptized the first time we teach them.  It works! They usually say yes!  But I put in my planner, in BIIIG RED LETTERS "Y'ALL GETTIN' BAPTIZED, YA HEAR!?" hahaha

The Filipinos like to mess with me.  But they don't realize that I understand what they are saying now.  And so I mess with them.  It's hilarious.  The people here are great.  Most everyone is friendly, and they all want to talk to me because I am American, so that's fine.

My lesson learned this week:

I think that as a whole, we as people like to give up waaay to easily.  We roll over, and let the world and our circumstances kick us when we are down.  Stop it.  Stop letting depression, sadness, loneliness, poverty, hunger, weakness, sin, and especially Satan, win. You know who you are, where you came from, and why you are here, so act like it.   If you don't know who you are, talk to the missionaries.  They can help you ;-)

I love you all, have a great week


~Love, Sister Z.

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