Monday, February 22, 2016

Difficult is good

Dear family,

Another transfer has come to an end!  I don't know if I will get transferred.  I find out today.  I really kind of doubt it.  I think I'll remain in Noveleta forever, haha.  That's okay I guess.

This was another difficult week.  I guess I'm pushing, and sweating uphill all this month, eh? ;-)  Eventually there will be a break, right?  Regardless, I still really love being here.  I always say and write about how things being difficult here are different than back in real worldly life.  The world thinks difficult and hard is bad.  But I have learned that difficult is good.  It really is!  I won't complain because if we don't stretch ourselves every once in a while, then what are you even doing with your life?  Get uncomfortable.  Sweat it out.  Work it out.  When you think about it, the Lord doesn't really require a lot.  Just you.  He just wants you.  Give yourself to Him.  When this life gets hard, give yourself to Him.  This isn't new or creepy doctrine.  This just means that you are't selfish anymore.

Anyway, we experienced so many miracles this week.  Tender mercies and love everywhere.  Heavenly Father uses us, as missionaries, and as people, as literal tools in His hands.  What an honor. It feels awesome to know I'm worthy enough in God's eyes to be used for His purposes.

I have just one challenge for you all: READ THE BOOK OF MORMON & THE WORDS OF LIVING PROPHETS, EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY.  Stop messing around, just do it.  And then at the end of the week of your study, email me.  And tell me what you feel/learned. The Holy Ghost will teach you something, and answer that really important concern and question you have.  I promise.

PICTURES: We are teaching a young family, with 6 children.  The Mom and Dad are only 35 and 36!  Their kids are the cutest on the face of the earth.  Below is 3 of them (left to right) Jacob (3 yrs), John Leinard (1 1/2) and Angel (4).  They have one younger sibling who is only 1 year old.  ALL OF THEM ARE SO SMALL!  SOOO CUTE.  There are 2 older girls also.   Oh my goodness. The picture of just the little one is John Leinard, but we call him Lei Lei.  HE IS THE CUTEST EVER! My favorite little boy!  He has a heart disease, and he's in the hospital.  Please pray for him and his family.

Aren't they the cutest? 

Lei Lei

Have a great week Love,

Sister Zimmerman

I'm even shorter on time today and couldn't read/respond to everyone's emails today before my time ran out. I promise I'll read them next week ;-)

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