Monday, January 11, 2016

Stay away from dried fish

Dear family,

They dry fish here. The locals lay them on giant stretched tight nets and let them sit outside, in the sun, all day. The smell is awful.  And then Filipina's cook them in Palm oil.  It literally smells like cooked garbage.  There is nothing else I can even compare that to.  My companion made some in our house this week. I started to vomit. It's a whole fish, and they are SMALL. Super small. They eat them whole! Bone, intestines, eyes and all.  I HATE the smell, it's literally the worst thing ever. 

And that's all I'm going to say about that.


Anyway, my trainer gets transferred this week...and I start training a new missionary on Wednesday.  THAT'S CRAZY MAN!  I don't feel ready, but I know that I must.

This week was really special for me and Sister Dacalcap.  We baptized someone that we ourselves, found, taught and then helped get baptized.  I can't even explain the feeling! It's amazing! I love it! I feel like Heavenly Father is really happy with me.  It's hard being a missionary, but I try every day.  That's what makes the difference, I try.  Everyday I HAVE to try, absolutely have to.  That's our purpose, and that's why missionaries are different. I've never been more motivated in all my life to BE ON MY GAME!  I have to be on the ball all day, every day.  It's CRAZY MOTIVATING!

I am so excited though.  Serving is so much fun!  I love it!  It is hard, actaully, but not in the way the world thinks.  It's hard in a different way.  A rewarding way.  I want to encourage ALL OF YOU, seriously, ALL OF YOU, to serve.  DO IT.  Just do it.  Don't think about it to hard, you'll hurt yourself.  Just go.  It's the greatest thing ever.

This week was great.  Next week will be even better.  I get a new companion!  That's so exciting!  And she's new!  I don't know why Heavenly Father and President Tye trust me enough to have me train.  I don't know what I've done that's special or different, but I do know that it will be quite an adventure.

I'M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!  I'm wandering in a strange land.  I know the Lord my God is mindful of me, because I can see actual physical blessings and expressions of love, everywhere I go.

I love you all!
Have a great week!
Stay away from dried fish

Sister Zimmerman 

Remcee, dressed in white

Group Hug 
Best Day Ever

Goofy Faces

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