Monday, January 4, 2016

I feel like Bilbo Baggins every day!

Hey hey family,

Happy New Year! I haven't seen you since last year, but I get to see you next year! How fast does the time fly? Super, right? 

I had a great New Years Eve. IT WAS THE LOUDEST AND MOST AGGRESSIVE NEW YEAR EVER! FILIPINOS LIKE TO MAKE THEIR OWN FIREWORKS AND IT SOUNDS LIKE MACHINE GUNS ARE GOING OFF AND THERE IS FLASHING WHITE LIGHTS LIKE EXPLOSIVES EVERYWHERE! IT WAS LITERALLY WORLD WAR 3!!!! I did not sleep ALL NIGHT! BECAUSE IT LITERALLY NEVER ENDED. It put Disney World fireworks to SHAME. And we have a balcony on our apartment, so we woke up and just sat outside and fireworks were exploding in front of our faces! You know on Soarin', in Epcot? At the very end, and it brings you up reeeeeallly close to the fireworks and it's SUPER big and loud? That is EXACTLY what it was like, except it was REAL. And it was EVERYWHERE! Everywhere you turned, there was something exploding. At one point you couldn't see very far ahead because of the smoke! No joke! I couldn't see down the street! Filipino's know how to party! haha
Anyway, New Year's Day I was sick. ALL DAY LONG. It sucked. And I don't feel so great today either. But I'm working along. Being sick on your mission is the worst. You can't work, or when you do it sucks.  Either way, it's not fun.

Transfers are NEXT week! My companion is getting transferred, and I have been called to start training a new missionary! THAT is scary! I don't know what exactly I am going to do yet. Training? Me? Responsible? Me? ha ha ha.

It's just another part of my crazy insane, hard, and amazing adventure. I literally feel like Bilbo Baggins everyday, as I take a step out the door into this foreign land: "I'M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!"  Everyday is an adventure, never exactly the same! Speaking of which, you know the Book of Mormon talks about this same type of thing? Alma 26:36-37 "...blessed be the name of my God, who has been mindful of us, wanderers in a strange land."  Read the rest of it. Tolkien said "Not all who wander are lost." And that is true. I am a wanderer in a strange land, but I am not lost.  I am in a foreign and strange place, but I know who I am. Remember that Heavenly Father really is "mindful of all people" (verse 37) and He does number them. He knows you. He knows where you are physically and spiritually. He loves you! Remember that. 

I only have time to upload a couple of pictures this time because we have a District Activity! Bowling! haha~ Pictures next week! Marami! or many! 

Love you!

Sister Teal

My Kasama colored my hair for me! Being in the sun all the time was
 bleaching it a not so attractive gold. 

Our New Year's Eve Feast! 

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