Monday, December 28, 2015

I felt the Christmas Spirit SO strongly!

 Dear family,

This week was great. I felt the Christmas Spirit SO strongly! I had such a huge family this year. I missed being home and having traditions, but my mission family is a couple hundred people big, and we all took care of each other. What a great day! I also had my ward family, Noveleta ward for the win!  It was great. People took care of us, and loved us and then we got to enjoy dinner as a District. I loved every moment this week.

I love being here on my mission. I really do. I love the Philippines! It's hard, sometimes. It's hard because I am starting to miss the SMELL of American food. I'm sure I miss the taste as well, but nothing cooking here SMELLS like home, or the USA or anything. So smell is super important to me obviously haha.

I enjoyed my Christmas dinner at my FAVORITE restaurant here, John and Jerry's Tapsihan. SO BRUN MASARAP! delicious I love my companion, my house mates, my District! It's all so great. 

Heavenly Father knows me so well. He knows all of us so well! I can really feel His tender mercies, or the little things He cares about, all over me. I feel like He knows how we felt, being separated on Christmas, and so blesses us with the little things, to make the big things seem brighter. 

I am remembering what one of my MTC President's said, he said there are no bad wards! There are no bad areas! There's just the way you feel about them, and how hard you work.

BE POSITIVE.  I'm learning why that's important. The situation is in the eye of the beholder, and so it's important to view things with a positive spin. Smile. You are a child of God. You don't think He knows you personally? You don't think He hasn't sat up with you when you've cried? Or reached out in love when you were mad? If you think He ignores His children, then you need to reevaluate yourself, and say a prayer. I know God knows me and I KNOW He knows you. Keep your chin up. Try a little harder this week. Do THAT much more... for someone else. Forget yourself for 5 seconds and notice that there's more to life than your own problems. 

I love you all! I miss you lots! Have A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! My prayer is that we will all resolve and follow through to serve another more than ourselves this year. And to love our Savior even more.

I love you

Sister Zimmerman 

Happy New Year!

Teal's first baptism! Dan is 16, & was baptized on Saturday.
She shared about this day in another email.

After the baptism

Sister Dacalap, Teal, Elders Pascual (District leader) & Fangufangu

Teal's entire mission!  The Cavite Mission Christmas party.
I swiped this off the mission blog (thanks Pres & Sis Tye)
Can you spot Teal???

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