Monday, November 23, 2015

No one reacts the way I expect, it's not in their culture.

Dearest family and friends,

I miss you all so much!  At this point, it no longer pains too bad, but I miss you all.
I am so glad to be here in the Philippines! My week was great.  I found out something awful this week about someone here that we work with. I won't write about it, but please send prayers of peace and comfort.  I'm working on it with my companion to act as the Lord's healing hands and sometimes I don't want to see or know what it is that is broken, but I am learning a lot from these experiences.

It can be hard, because life is so different here. No one reacts the way I expect them to because.. well, it's not in their culture. Luckily, I love my companion, Sister Dacalcap (the picture below is us in a tricycle, our only time to take pictures).

I love my companion because even though we both come from very different backgrounds, and our cultures and reactions are so different, she accepts me and works with me. 

Good news!!! Felizardo Molina, our GOLDEN investigator, has stopped smoking!!! Today is his 3rd day without smoking.  HOW AWESOME!? I've prayed over him and his problem and sought lessons and scriptures that would bless him and now we are finally seeing a end to this journey and a beginning to a better one! How great shall be your joy... totoo. Alam ko na ito simbahan totoo at si Jesucristo pagmamahal lahat mga tao. true. I know that this Church is true and that Jesus Christ loves all people  It's the greatest blessing sa buhay. of life

I am having the greatest time. I love being here. It's hot. All the time. Alam ko. Pero, I know. but I'm okay with it. All is well and I'm happy.

I miss home, and I miss DRIVING.  There are certain people, places and things that I took for granted that I truly miss, but every time I think of home, I think of what I would be doing, and honestly... I'd rather be here. Not working, not going to school, not dating. Not right now.   It's so very mahirap difficult. So brun. (?? in French it's brown...couldn't translate this one...anyone else?) But worth every tear, and stress filled moment.

Peace, be still, the Savior said.  We follow Christ in all the ways we can, di ba? right? So follow His commandment this week to be peaceful.  

I love you all and miss you lots!

Have a great week, and remember... be peaceful.

Sister Zimmerman 

Teal's companion at their apartment
Their home is considered REALLY nice that the wealthy live in. They have running water, a flush toilet and electricity.

Living Room of their apartment-no AC I'd sit in front of the fan too

Their kitchen-only a cooktop and slow cooker

Their water filter system-all fruits and veggies
have to be washed in a bleach/water solution before eating

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  1. So proud of the work you are doing there. Everyone here misses you and the whole Ward is blessed by your service. I will send you the ward newsletter every month. Yours in Christ, Brother Dennis Ward