Monday, November 16, 2015

Like, seriously, JUST COME TO CHURCH!

Dear family,

I cannot believe another week has already gone by.  My mission is already flying by! I have been here in Noveleta for a month! That's almost my entire MTC time! And it felt like nothing! Like it just flew by!

My companion and I are finding about 20 people a week to teach. We have only 4 progressing investigators though.  Progressing means they keep commitments and and let us return to teach. That's not too perfect but it's a start. I love these people.  I am so frustrated with them sometimes. Like, seriously, JUST COME TO CHURCH!  I don't care if you are offended, you need to come to church! And they don't.  Everyone is offended here. Someone said something, or the Bishop didn't do this or whatever. Get over it. They complain to us, like I can punish the people or something. We listen, and then share scriptures about not getting offended. They usually get their feathers ruffled, but then they love us anyway. I am kinda amazed at how often I feel like I need to shake these people up a little.  I have to ask hard questions a lot, and require an answer.  My Comp and I are never mean, always smiling, always kissing and hugging our friends here, because they really are our friends, but we have to ask questions that they don't always want to answer, but it's so important that they do.  We felt a great sense of success this week.  We worked out butts off. It was great. I loved it.

Not a lot to report this week. We just worked. Lots. And it was fabulous. I miss you all, and I miss the USA! I just miss familiar. Also, I found out today that I am the only white person in Noveleta, which is why I get stared at so much.  Anyway, I miss you all! 

Sister Zimmerman 

Teal & Sister Decalcap's decorated front door
Teal's zone.
(Missions are broken up into Zones, Zones into Districts, Districts into an Area)
Teal & Joyce a recent convert to the church. She is 17.

Teal with Joana & Christina (13 & 17) Christina recently joined the church.
Joanna's sister is a member, but she is not. 

Noveleta Ward at the ward Family Home Evening.
That's almost the whole ward! 

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