Saturday, October 3, 2015

Next week is my last week, so get pumped!

Kamusta po Kayo!

This is my fifth week in the MTC!  I only have one week left!  My whole zone got their flight plans yesterday.  I'll be sending those to Mom and Dad so you can see if you can watch my flight progress.  I'm actually pretty nervous about being on a plane for THAT long, and traveling that far, and loosing luggage. 

It's kinda scary.  Send some Dear Elders or something with tips on long flights and how to not want to go crazy. 

Pero, ("pero" =but) I am SO excited to be finally getting out of here.   I have loved the MTC, and in some senses, I don't want to leave dahil sa ("dahil sa"  = because of) of all the experiences that I have been growing from.  I realized, though, that I wanted to leave when I started to get really jealous of my teachers, who I would watch leave after class ended, exit out the gate and get into cars parked across the street and then drive away. 

I was like "They get to LEAVE! And be in the real world! AHHH" Basically, I love missionaries, pero, I want to talk to someone who isn't a missionary.  Is it bad to not want to talk to missionaries for a while? hahaha

I really love the MTC though.  I have decided that when I come back from my mission, and hopefully get into BYU, that I would like to come back and teach here at the MTC.  How fun would that be?  My teachers say you make enough to sustain a BYU education.

This week was a little harder, pero I am still learning and growing.  I've said this before, but I am being really forced by Heavenly Father to stretch and grow my patience, personality, faith and testimony.  Stretching hurts! Ah my golly gee whiz.

Anyway, I am really excited to leave for the Philippines.  I can't wait to be there.

OH! NEWS!  Not really news, pero, something great.  This week I skyped with someone in the Philippines and taught them a lesson! It was a member of the church, and she was so sweet! It was hard to understand what she was saying.  I understood about 5 out of 20 words that she would say, pero it was so great! We get to do it again this week.  Another member for 30 minutes on skype.  What a blessing! 

Well, this week was another... week.  I love being a missionary.  It's such a privilege and honor and I am reminded of this often.  I love dedicating my life to this cause.  I know that I am only here because I know that this church is true.  I know it, and so I live it and I can't be constrained to just passively sitting by with this knowledge in my head.  I know we are being so abundantly blessed because of this knowledge, and I am so grateful to have it.

I love you all!

Next week is my last week, so get pumped!

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