Monday, October 26, 2015

I get stared at a lot

Dear Family and friends,

I arrived in the Philippines on SATURDAY, so I have been here for a week and a day.  I arrived in my mission field on WEDNESDAY, and it has been crazy ever since.  I got to the Cavite mission office early in the morning and then we had more classes! We were instructed on more practical side of things like money, bills, food and clean water.  Then we went across the street to the ward building and went upstairs (they are all 2 story ward buildings) and I met my new companion! Her name is Sister Dacalcap! She's a Philipina which has made everything so much easier.  She is so very sweet and helpful.  I also really love my house mates. They are so sweet! Sister Marano is Philipina and Sister Devi is from Fiji. There is a really interesting blend of people here.  From all over the world.

Everyday, IS HOT. No Air Con in any buildings, so I sweat lahat araw, every araw (all day, every day).  It's fine.  Everyone has electric fans here, which makes the greatest difference! I bought am umbrella as well which also helps.  When you send me a care package, if you ever do, PLEASE SEND LEMON BUG SPRAY! The one Dad has.  They don't have it here. In fact, I have yet to see bug spray.  I bought a bug repellent lotion stuff that kind of works.  Anyway it looks like I have chicken pox on my legs because I am being eaten by mosquitoes.

We ride tricycles everywhere, which I don't have a picture of because I have yet to talk a lot of pictures. But they are essentially just a motorcycle with a little carriage on the side.  I don't ride jeepney's that often.

My first area here is Novelta! Sister Dacalcap and I are Noveleta area A.  We are in Novelta ward. The other 2 sisters are Noveleta B and are also in our ward. 

I get stared at a lot. We walk down the street and everyone stares.  I haven't seen another white person here yet.  I saw them in Manilla, but not here.  It's totally fine, I love these people, but they do stare.  They call me beautiful and say I look like a barbie doll.  But that also I am fat. Hindi ko alam.  I don't take it personally.  It's strange. (*note* According to Scott's Philippine coworkers being "fat" means you are an affluent-you have enough money to buy food, clothes etc. and when his coworkers go home their family call them "fat like an American" too)  

I like teaching. It's hard, but I like it.  It's harder to focus because I don't know what everyones saying but  when I really take time to listen, and hear them and help them, it's a really cool experience.  On Saturday, Sister Dacalcap and I were tracting and we stopped and talked to this woman who agreed to hear our message.  More of her family came out and joined us.  After reviewing the Restoration lesson, we asked them to baptized and all 3 of them said yes.  COOLEST MOMENT EVER.

It is hard to see the extreme poverty here.  These people have absolutely nothing, but what the create with what they have is amazing.  They make the most of everything.  It's not much, but it's something.   And they are so kind and willing to share.  Truly, all of them are prepared to hear the gospel.  They already have developed many Christlike attributes, now they just need the keys and way.

I miss you all so much! It's so hard to be away from you.  But my period to be here is very short.  I don't have a lot of time to share and serve here, so I have to make the most of it! I've already been out for almost 2 months! It'll be 2 months on November 2!  THAT is scary! 16 months left! So much to learn and do and so little time. 

I love you all!  I miss you!
Have a great week!

Sister Zimmerman 

*Note from Mom*

In a separate email she responded about the typhoon and with a typical Florida attitude she said it was just like a hurricane; wind and rain, rain, rain. So that's Teal...her mission is so much more exciting and cool (3 people she taught want to be baptized her FIRST WEEK) it was not even worth the mention.  :)

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