Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Here is What I Know-She is on an Adventure!

This is Teal's Mom.  A lot of people have been asking me if I have heard from her yet and I understand their concern so let me see if I can help ease everyone's nerves.  So, here is what I do know.

She did arrive in the Manila MTC in the very early hours Saturday, essentially the middle of the night. They got to sleep in, had a rice, meat & veggie dish for breakfast which she said was an odd breakfast but very yummy.  She was very excited to be at the Manila MTC and told me how much she loved it already and how nice everyone was. This was from a quick email she sent me on Saturday.

I also know from her previous schedule that the beginning of this week the plan was for her and the others to take care/finalize immigration etc and training and by Wednesday she would be heading to Cavite, her mission.

Now, we all know that Sunday a typhoon rolled across Luzon and changed a lot of plans. Did that changed Teal's plans? I don't know.  From the news reports I've read it sounds like most of the the severe damage was north of Manila, but does that mean that the government offices were open for immigration and visa? Or do they just take this in stride and keep on keeping on? Or was the flooding in Manila bad enough that it closed down? (One report I read said that the streets were closed to all but military and heavy equipment)  I do know that I lot of local people have been evacuated and so the government is focused on shelter, water & food.  I'm also willing to bet that power and internet are spotty or non-exsistant and not as high on the priority list as shelter, water, and food. 

She might very well be out there doing service work helping to clear, clean, feed, or serve in some way.  Whatever she is doing I'm sure she will have a "tale or two to tell" when she does get back online. From the very beginning of her deciding to serve a mission I've pictured her as Bilbo running with her mission call in her hand saying "I'm going on an adventure!" 

And as one last bit of comfort...the Manila MTC is a nice sturdy building.  It's not a grass hut on the beach or something.  They are prepared for this type of weather, they are prepared to take care of large groups of people.  Here is a link and they have a picture gallery on the page.  Take a look, it will make you feel better if you have a worried "mom" heart like me.

Teal's next Pday is Monday and I bet I'll be posting something from her by then.  

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