Saturday, September 26, 2015

We weren't called to preach in Inggles

Hello family and friend outside the MTC!

My weeks are the same every week, which can become boring if you let it.  If you are feeling the Spirit, and letting Him teach you, then you  shouldn't be getting bored.  I have gotten bored a couple times, but really I am too busy learning to get that bored.

This week was grammar crazy. So was last week, but this week was a more difficult level of Tagalog grammar.  We teach our teachers nearly everyday, and they act like an investigator that they actually taught in the Philippines.  Brother Glen is Jay-Jay and Sister Brock is Lydia.  I do not like to teach Sister Brock.  As a person, I love her.  She's super sweet.  She's a little will-o-wisp of a person with thin blonde hair.  She's short and tiny and never speaks above a whisper. She's SO sweet.  But her teaching is ROUGH.  She demands a lot, which is great.  But I have a hard time understanding her.  And teaching her as Lydia is hard because Lydia is a rough investigator.  Brother Glen is who I am more comfortable with.  We taught Him yesterday and I didn't use any notes or Tagalog language guides (which is basically a book that gives you full sentences to say in a lesson) and it was the best lesson ever.  We really got to focus on Jay-Jay and help him with his needs.  Later, when Brother Glen was our teacher again, he said that it was really cool, as a teacher, to see us do that, and that it was the best lesson we have ever given.  He told me that I totally crushed it, and that I did really great. I was SO happy!  It was a really big accomplishment for me and my kasama because we went off just the Tagalog we know, which isn't a lot, and we were able to clearly teach and focus on needs of that person.

I am learning a lot about how to teach here.  And then I am reminded that I am not the teacher, the Spirit is.  Coming out on a mission is the greatest thing I have done in my entire life.  I cry a lot.  A couple times a week.  Sometimes it's out of frustration, sometimes it's because I miss my family (A LOT), sometimes I just feel the Spirit so strongly. For example, my very first time teaching (remember that, last year? LOL), I remember I bore my testimony in Tagalog, aloud, for the first time and I really meant it.  I felt such a power, that I can't even describe it.  I felt a STRONG confirmation that I am speaking the language God wanted me to be speaking. Brother Glen said that we weren't called to preach in Inggles (English), we are called to preach in Tagalog, and that is where our power lies.  I am SO ready to teach!  It's hard. Oh man, is it. But I love it.  It's the kind of hard that instead of making me want to give up, roll over and do something EASY, it makes me want to keep going.  I know something so sweet is waiting for me at the end of this hardship.  I don't know specifically what it is, but I know it will be great.

So, funny language story now. ​ You say things backwards, yeah it's crazy. If you want to say "I know" Alam ko you are saying "know I".  It's literally how Yoda talks. Also, my teachers said that the Ewaks in Star Wars are speaking Tagalog.  They are apparently just saying 'I'm going to kill you' over and over LOL Something like that.  Weird huh?

I'll try and send pictures next week.  My camera sucks, so I don't use it because it makes me mad, but I'll actually take pictures this week and send them.  

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!  Send me real mail.  When I get mail all the week long and it makes me happy.  So far, only Auntie Liz and Mommy love me enough.  So, they are basically my favorite people haha :-)

I love you all.  I miss you.  It's so hard to be apart, but I am 100% sure in the knowledge that our family relationships and friendships will be SO MUCH STRONGER because of it.  I am so very very sure of it.

Have a great week, and I love you lots!

Sister Teal Zimmerman 

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