Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hey guys!

How weird to say hey guys. We aren't allowed to say dude, guys, girl, etc. Only Hey Elders! Or Hey Sisters! I'm constantly called Sister.  Excuse me Sister, and After you Sister!  It's interesting. I'm already used to wearing my name tag.  I love it.  The Missionary Training Center is difficult, but I really love it. Tagalog is really hard.  This week we talked about Mag Verbs and I Verbs which is confusing, but it's basically how you make a conjugation. Then we talked about Basic Tagalog Sentence structure.  The structure is Verb, Actor, Object and Location. So saying  The Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored would be Restored Jesus Christ the Gospel.  It's confusing. I'm really loving the MTC though.

I love my companion and district. It's hard because we study ALL DAY EVERY DAY.
My testimony that Ama sa Langit loves His missionaries is growing really strongly. I feel the Spirit everyday, and I feel Diyos influence often.  It's an incredibly weird but wonderful feeling here. We all feel like we are on some alien planet because.. well.. it's strange. The MTC is a really special place where we can learn and grow together, in a safe yet uncomfortable atmosphere.
I love you all! Have a great week!  Send me mail! Dear Elder, MTC Delivery, etc.  It makes my days brighter and I get those everyday if you send them. They print them out and bring them to my classroom.

I love you! I think of you guys all the time. It's not distracting, but more comforting. I love knowing that even though I feel cut off and I'm struggling, I have this huge wonderful support system.
I miss my fat cat and snuggly dog. They don't support me, but I miss them haha

I love you! 

 Sister Zimmerman

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