Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fed With a Fire Hose

Hey everyone!  It's been a crazy week. SO HARD! But I am having such a blast here.  I really really love the MTC! It's so fun!  I am learning SO MUCH!  You are forced to learn so much so quickly. My Branch President here in the MTC says the we get fed with a fire hose here.. and oh boy it is so true.  You get language thrown at you from day one. I have been teaching Tagalog ONLY since my second day and now I teach 1-3 times daily in Tagalog only.

So,yeah the MTC is hard. But that's not the only point of it.  It's not meant to just stress you out and make you feel scared.  It makes you stretch. Stretching can be uncomfortable, and feel weird, but it's truly for your benefit. 

If you are thinking about serving a mission, DO IT.  It's worth it. I know it, and it's only been 2 and a half weeks! I love being a missionary.  This is the greatest decision I have ever made, and I know that it's blessing me now and will bless me for the rest of my life. I love Jesus Christ.  I love Him, and I know He lives.  This church is true guys.  It really is.  I know it is because it holds the plan of happiness for God's children, and guess what, you're one of God's children.  I know that this is the ONLY true church, that God loves me and that He loves you.  I know that following the pattern of living that Jesus Christ lived will only bring happiness, peace and fulfillment. I thank my Heavenly Father for letting me come here! He helps me everyday that I am here! I can feel the blessings flowing freely in my life!  

It feels so weird to speak English now, and even weirder to share my testimony in English because I only do it in Tagalog now. I am TERRIBLE at spelling now!  I used to be good, but now Tagalog has messed with my English so much, that I have no idea whats going on ever haha  I have had to really rely on the Lord for that and many other purposes.  It's very humbling.  I can't do much, but with the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ, I can literally do anything.  I will learn Tagalog.  I don't how, but someway, somehow, Heavenly Father has it planned out for me and I know I will have all kinds of heavenly help.

Thank you to those who have written me!  I have to say, I would really love if people sent postcards or letters when I'm in the MTC because it's dang hard to find time to write emails in the 1 hour I have.  (Mom here...I think what she is trying to say is she has more time to write snail mail than to reply to email)
Love you all! Write to me! I love it. I'm starting to become known as the Sister that gets all the mail.  Everyone thinks I have lots of boyfriends back home, and I have no reason to tell them otherwise ;-)

Stay safe, remember God loves you even when you don't love Him (even though you should) and that the Gospel is true.

Sister Zimmerman  

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