Saturday, September 5, 2015

At the MTC (Missionary Training Center)

Dearest pamilya,

My first few days in the MTC have already passed!  It's Saturday morning, but I feel like I've been here for weeks and weeks.  Each day feels like it flys by, but lasts an eternity.

My first day, I was rushed around to every where, given at least 25 pounds in books and study materials.  Afterwards, I dropped off my luggage in my residence, and then my host dropped me off in class.  No one told me that our teacher would ONLY speak Tagalog!  But he does.  He teaches in Tagalog, answers questions in Tagalog, and only says a word or two in Inggles to give us clues as to what he is saying.  It was SUPER overwhelming.  Something is happening every hour, and I always have somewhere to be, or something to do.

It's hard.  It's very hard. When I would read missionaries emails, and they would say it was hard, I would think "Oh come on, stop complaining!" But I have been humbled.  I now KNOW how hard it is.  But I now know how wonderful and fun it is as well. After I got dropped into a Tagalog speaking only class, where you have to ask in Tagalog if you can speak Inggles, I was introduced to my companion Sister Seuryrnck (said like Sir-rink).  She's super awesome!  I love her already.  She wants to stay on task and be perpekto obedient missionaries, which I what I want as well.  Because selective obedience brings selective blessings.

Yesterday, we taught our first investigator!  Only, we were only allowed to teach in Tagalog. THAT was so HARD!  It is so frustrating because I couldn't understand her, except for paano, which means how.  So I knew she was asking, How? But I couldn't understand how to reply.  I said pananampaletya (faith), and Jesucristo (Jesus Christ) and a few other words, but it was difficult.  It was a really great learning experience though.  Sister Seuryrnck and I really felt the Spirit, and we learned a lot from that experience.

I am really enjoying the MTC.  Everyone is in the same boat, and we all support each other.  There are 6 Elder's and then me and my Comp in my District, and we have the best district in the WORLD.  The Elder's are goofy, but SUPER focused, and they are already really good at Tagalog.  I'm learning to really appreciate the Priesthood here.  Theses Elder's are amazing, and they are like brothers to me.

I really love being out on my mission.  The language is hard, but it's also really fun.
I can't wait to get to the Philippines!


Sister Zimmerman

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