Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why I am choosing to serve as a LDS missionary {a testimony}

My Dork face with my mission call. REGRET: I didn't take a nice picture holding my call!

It truly is the final count down till I enter the Missionary Training Center! 21 days left.

I've reached that point where it's all starting to feel very real.  That is such an intense feeling!
However nervous I might become though, I am not scared to be going on a mission.  I have the all encompassing peace that just fills me up, and doesn't really allow room for anxiety.
There are, of course, moments where I panic a little because I worry over being packed all the way, and having all the physical things I might need, but when I forget this selfish part of me, everything becomes clear.

I wanted to share with you all why I am choosing to serve this 18 month mission, almost completely cut off from my friends and family at home, in a foreign country.

Let me begin by just explaining how much I LOVE the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is the perfect example of a loving, caring, patient and forgiving friend.  He is the only truly perfect person ever to have lived, and is therefore a perfect example to all of us on how to live happy, and fulfilling lives. I know that He lives today, and knows each of us individually, even if we don't always love Him back.  I know that Christ came to this earth during ancient times, and blessed the lives of those people.  You know those stories of Christ healing people, bringing them back from the dead, and performing all kinds of miracles in the Bible?  I know that those things really happened because I know that Christ is the Son of God.  I know that God restored His church in it's fullness, through Joseph Smith, a modern day prophet.  I know that this gospel that I so dearly love, and enjoy in my life is the same gospel that Christ restored during His mortal ministry.  You might be asking, "So how does she KNOW these things?", and that is a really great question.  I have come to KNOW these things through personal prayer and study.  I really wanted to know if the church was true, and I wanted to know that God was real, that Christ is His son, and that all of this isn't just a huge lie.  I can testify that through personal revelation, I know that this is the one true and correct church on this earth.  I truly believe these things to be true.

So, why do I want to serve a mission?  It's not to tell everyone else that they are wrong.  It's not to smack them in the head and tell them that their sinners.  My job, as a full time missionary, would be to teach the pure and simple truths of the gospel.

Every person who has lived, is living, and ever will live are children of God.  YOU are a CHILD OF GOD.  I am a child a God! That is a truth that no matter what, will never be diminished or changed, despite your circumstances or your beliefs.  I just really, really want to share that message with my brothers and sisters here on earth.  I have a great desire to serve and love these people! "Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work." (D&C 4:3)

When you find something that really inspires you, or helps you, do you keep it to yourself?  Or do you feel like sharing that with your friends and family?

That is why I am choosing to serve.  I want everyone to know how much THEIR God loves them.  You have a God, and He is yours!  The only thing He wants from you, is you.

I am so excited to share this pure message of hope and light with the people in the Philippines.  Missionary work is exactly that, work, but it is a marvelous work! (D&C 4:1)  I know that missionary work is something that not only blesses the lives of others, but blesses and changes the missionaries.  I know that I am going to grow and learn so much, because I have been promised these blessings in the scriptures.  I can't wait to get going!  The next year and a half of my life promises to be crazy, difficult, and stressful but the rewards of giving up this time make it feel like I'm not really giving anything up at all.

I'm leaving because I want to love God MORE, and I'm leaving because I want to have that desire to serve God to grow stronger.  My testimony is a muscle, I'm exercising it because I know that being strong in this church, under Christ, will bring me the greatest happiness that I could ever imagine.

I hope that this helps answer your questions! If I didn't, go ahead and leave a comment while I'm still outside the MTC, or after September 2, go ahead and shoot me an email! (I'll post that in my bio)

Sister Zimmerman

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